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Solar Powered PTZ 4g Sim Card Camera



You can turn this camera left and right plus up and down, all from your mobile phone. It has 2 way audio and it can record. You can receive notification on your mobile phone if it picks up movement and also zoom in to see thing closer. It has infrared light for night vision and LED lights for colour vision. It's fully waterproof and comes with rechargable batteries, so the solar panel will keep the batteries charged.


If you have a isolated area, this is the camera for you. Ideal for farms, sheep sheds, stables, lambing, building sites and can be put anywere.

Solar Powered PTZ 4g Sim Card Camera

  • Completely Wireless
    4g SIM Card Solar PTZ Outdoor Camera
    Has Been Set Up For The Irish And European Markets
    Use Anywhere
    No Power Needed
    No Wifi Or Internet Needed
    Just A Pay As You Go SIM Card Required
    Set Up In Minutes


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